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Hi, and welcome to "Wheels n Heels" where realistic beautiful East Coast girls put the "Pedal to the Metal"

A little about us
My first experience with this fetish dates back to the third grade where a ride on the school bus became more than just a ride to school! Approximately mid-year, the daily male bus driver called in sick, and was replaced with....... you guessed it.... a young beautiful blonde woman who looked like she was dressed to go to work as a "call girl"! High blown- out 80's style hair, loose red silk blouse, tight blue jeans, 5 or 6 inch gold strappy sandles, red toenails, and the peds of a Goddess! My usual seat at the rear of the bus was long forgotten! Since then this has become a passion, a lifestyle for me. There isn't a female that I encounter that I don't try to sneak-a-peak at her shoes, or if I'm lucky, her feet! Many girls/women over the years have tried to please me with this fetish, but never have I met girls then, who I have met now, that enjoy and have it in her hearts to satisfy this obsession...(and are not embarassed to please!) and enjoy it!.....

What advantage do we have over other Pedal sites?
We have access to multiple vehicles as well as motorcycles, atv's, and as you've seen, video arcade driving games, so your requests can be easily satisfied! We also have a public business that attracts many females of all ages who are more than willing to participate with us. Only members requests will be satisfied! Private videos are also available as we have satisfied many so far!
Well enough with the biography, to all those who have sent e-mails and comments on you-tube, and you know who you are, thank you for all your support and loyalty.


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